Gerri M. Parrish

About G & P Connections 2 Wellness LLC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Yardley, PA

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Adults, children, and teens, who need mental health care have the opportunity to receive counseling services offered at G & P Connections 2 Wellness LLC in Yardley, Pennsylvania. Licensed mental health counselor Gerri M. Parrish, LPC, CAADC, provides the behavioral health needed to help people improve their quality of life. 

Gerri M. Parrish, LPC, Licensed Professional Counselor, CAADC, (Certified Advanced Alcohol & Drug Counselor) provides support to build connection as a therapeutic foundation. This provides the ability to increase cognitive and emotional skills, coping strategies and help individuals to reduce symptoms, all which can “promote emotional health, instill hope & inspire a healthier sense of well-being.”

Gerri, graduated from Union Institute University/Vermont College in Montpelier, Vermont, with a master’s degree in psychology counseling and has her undergraduate degree in business with a concentration in accounting. Her master’s externship experience was at Friends Psychiatric Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At Friends, Gerri conducted research “A Correlative Study on Adolescent Behavior & Family Support,” as part of her master’s thesis; with findings that attachment may link family counseling for potentially effective interventions and treatment.   

Gerri’s effortful learning, life experience and nineteen plus years of professional counseling experience is reflected in a variety of clinical approaches and individualized treatment modalities to help individuals of all ages to overcome challenges. 

G&P practice welcomes persons struggling with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), addiction, anxiety, and depression, while dealing with trauma and assist to overcome stressors and daily life issues increased or resulting from covid and the pandemic.  Gerri guides individuals through life transitions and those struggling with family relational dynamics or couples looking to improve and strengthen their relationship.  

Gerri uses an approach with each client to develop treatment goals, interventions, and stage of recovery. Every person receives a customized counseling experience that includes attention for most mental health issues, mindfulness, and body-mind relationship. Gerri may use, evidence-based screens, self-report scales and collaborate with other professionals if needed to create a comprehensive therapeutic treatment experience.

Contact Gerri at G & P Connections 2 Wellness to help you decide if working together could potentially be a good fit to help you get the support you and or your family need. by use of this website to reach out.