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Anxiety services offered in Yardley, PA

What symptoms does anxiety cause?

It is normal to feel anxious in advance of an important interview, work presentation, or a big trip.  Chronic and pervasive anxiety takes a considerable toll on life and interferes with your ability to work, interact with others, and perform daily tasks. 

Some of the challenging symptoms of anxiety include nervousness and worry, a sense of doom or danger, worst-case thinking, overthinking plans and solutions, restlessness, inability to let go of worry, and panic attacks.  

Anxiety has many underlying causes, including separation anxiety, social anxiety disorder, and phobias. Each anxiety disorder has slightly different characteristics. Daily life can cause anxiety, especially if you’re under stress with pressure, and may show up as distress or nervousness in new situations. 

How do you treat anxiety? 

Anxiety treatment is a customized experience with Gerri. She assesses and collaborates with individuals and other professionals, schools, and caregivers (if needed) to determine potential sources of anxiety. Gerri listens and validates a person’s experience, uses evidenced based screens, monitoring, and self-report, and collaborate with individual to develop tailored treatment solutions.  

This may include cognitive behavioral interventions based on individual needs (regardless of age) and may incorporate breathing, mindfulness relaxation techniques, and workbooks. Gerri assists in identifying other factors, such as environmental, physical, medications, and medical issues, which may contribute to your anxiety. Gerri may work with caregivers and family members, providing education and parenting tips, and work together to navigate treatment solutions.  

If medication is considered, Gerri may assist you in locating and collaborating with medication treatment providers.    

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