Gerri M. Parrish

Bipolar Management

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Bipolar Management services offered in Yardley, PA

If you are an Individual living with bipolar disorder, you may find yourself extremely productive and enthusiastic or incredibly disinterested and depressed. At G&P Connections 2 Wellness, Counselor Gerri Parrish LPC offers bipolar management skills, so you can experience more stable moods. 

In most cases, bipolar disorder symptoms can begin during late adolescence or early adulthood. Occasionally, children may experience bipolar disorder symptoms. Generally, symptoms require long-term treatment.

Individuals may experience a range of mood changes which can be extreme with elevated moods, feeling up and very happy, irritable, or “up,” as well as episodes of feeling depressed, sad, hopeless, or experiencing episodes of impairment in social or occupational functioning and sometimes require hospitalization.

Bipolar based symptoms are generally defined by Bipolar 1 (manic episodes with mood disturbance and rapid cycling), Bipolar II (patterns of depressive and hypomanic episodes and cyclothymia), a milder form of Bipolar symptoms.

Gerri supports individuals with a customized approach to tracking symptoms, which manifest and establish and understand triggers and sources of moods. Using evidenced based screens to manage and monitor mood symptomology, include psychoeducation, and develop coping skills. 

Psychotherapy or talk therapy is a treatment technique that supports a person in identifying and changing troubling emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. Psychotherapy can offer support, education, skills, and strategies to people with bipolar disorder and their families.

Coping strategies include a consistent treatment regimen, taking medication as directed, and maintaining structured activities and routines with eating, sleeping, and exercise. Exercise biking, jogging, and vigorous motion to help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety and promote a healthier sense of self. Monitor and track your mood and increase social support.

Gerri works to introduce individually tailored interventions and strategies using cognitive behavior skills. Gerri, with her compassionate and caring approach, would use evidence-based screens and monitoring tools to build a safe and trusting environment. 

Gerri works well with individuals and family members in acceptance and feeling safe by referring and collaborating with psychiatrists, and other medical professionals, if needed.

If you need support and treatment, contact Gerri Parrish LPC at G&P Connections 2 Wellness website.