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Couples Work

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Couples Work services offered in Yardley, PA

What is couples’ work and treatment?

Typically, there is a couples counseling assessment and discussion of how the couple came to this point of wanting support. Gerri’s approach is to help you develop a deeper understanding of your relationship and build on communication and connection, five levels of intimacy, understanding trust, and determination to commit to working on the relationship.  

There is skill building, such as reflective listening, where topics are discussed in a safe environment, and each person participates as the “active listener” while the other person has the opportunity to speak and express themselves, attempting to use “I” statements rather than you.  

The first session includes an activity, which can be a positive experience to practice communication and connection, identifying strengths and appreciation of your partner.

Gerri will introduce surveys and educational activities in each session, and the couple can agree to choose which areas to practice on in between sessions. The next session will review what worked and did not work from practice and process and discuss solutions to enhance their experience. New surveys will be introduced, i.e., on commitment, trust, intimacy, connection, and commitment for the ability to self-assess and together decide on specific areas they would like to work on. There may be times when a person is stuck and may need individual support.    This can be done adjunct to couples work with each person’s understanding and agreement of the process.  

As we continue through the process, together with clinician goals may be a need to modify and adjust or change the relationship plan. A counselor may provide educational information, articles, and video clips for enhanced understanding. Additional tips may be sent to couples to support their endeavors.

Each session has a brief review of how they are feeling, a sense of how they are doing, and acknowledges or discusses solution-focused treatment goals to enhance and improve the relationship and counseling experience.  

Contact Gerri Parrish LPC, CAADC at G & P Connections 2 Wellness LLC. If you and your partner are seeking treatment and support from someone with experience, a compassionate demeanor, and counseling skills, call the office, or use this website and reach out today.