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Life Transitions

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Life Transitions services offered in Yardley, PA

What is a life transition?

Everyone experiences life transitions — it is a natural part of human life. It is noteworthy to mention the increase of transitions resulting from COVID-19 and the pandemic. These life transitions can be difficult to manage. They can make you feel stuck as you dwell on the transition or how things “used to be.” You may feel you’ve lost part of yourself or your zest for life. 

Life transitions that can cause a simply a discomfort to serious turmoil affecting daily life experience.  These transitions may lead to health problems and lack of confidence, changes at school routines, job changes, disabling accidents, marriage, birth, breakups and divorce, death of a loved one, and not limited to political changes, values and beliefs, moving, something unique to you and ongoing adjustments from the pandemic.

How can you help with life transitions? 

If you are experiencing these feelings of discomfort, you may benefit from professional assistance to feel better and gain relief. Gerri uses an approach with you to build a therapeutic foundation and connection to foster a relationship for the ability to focus on your needs.

Gerri gives you a space where you can identify and express your feelings. You may benefit from Gerri’s experience, compassionate demeanor, and counseling skills to find the relief you are looking to resolve. You will receive an individualized counseling experience that includes attention to all aspects of your treatment experience. 

Some coping mechanisms may consist of help you reframe your thoughts, foster change, develop resilience, and provide you with tools for healthy stress management. This may build on developing new, healthy routines and engaging in social interaction and support.  

If you find yourself struggling to adjust to a life transition, it is important to seek help. Counseling can help you put your situation into perspective, understand your feelings, and give you tools to manage your discomfort. Contact Gerri at G & P Connections 2 Wellness to help you decide if working together could potentially be a good fit to help you get the support you and or your family may need by use of this website to reach out.