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Addiction services offered in Yardley, PA

When should I be concerned about addiction?

Some concerns that may be a sign you need help include changes with family, relationships, employment, school, health, losing a sense of self, increased risky behaviors, and impaired control of self. 

When you are unclear about what to do, a professional addictions counselor can assess, navigate, and refer to other levels of care.

Gerri is able to support (if appropriate level of care) you with individual and family counseling. We are able to connect you with your interest in 12-step meetings, support groups, meetings, and family-support groups. Alcohol, drugs, behaviors, gambling, smoking, other substances, and behaviors can become addictive, so you may alter your behaviors and attitude to keep using them. 

At the same time, an individual may be aware of increased use and may be interested in looking for new coping skills to increase better management of feelings around life transitions. 

Certain behaviors and feelings may signify the need for support or desire to gain insight and understand issues that could lead to addiction.

Why does addiction develop?

Some of the most common causes influencing addiction include trauma, stress, mental health struggles, and genetic predisposition. There generally is more than one underlying factor that causes addiction. 


Individuals with addiction use substances and commonly engage in behaviors that often become compulsive and often continue despite harmful consequences. Addictions are complex and may affect the brain.

How do you treat addiction?

Gerri engages individuals with an empathetic and compassionate demeanor, building trust to support individuals to feel safe in a confidential environment. By using screenings and assessments to understand the level of care, Gerri will gain insight into one’s individualized needs, treatment planning, and ability to collaborate and make referrals if needed.

Counselor Gerri can educate individuals and family members about addiction, the science of addiction, the effects on the brain, substances, treatment options, stories of hope, recovery, support, and resources.

Because addiction often occurs in conjunction with mental health, Gerri offers counseling and cognitive behavioral skill building to gain insight into individualized underlying sources, triggers, and relationships of mood, behaviors, and addiction. 

Gerri encourages individuals, when ready and able, to include partners and family members with treatment to build their village of support for increased ability to move forward t to promote emotional health, instill hope, and inspire a healthier sense of well-being.

Gerri is able to assess and encourage individuals to recognize their stage of addiction and refer to appropriate levels of care in the community.

Gerri is Licensed in the State of Pennsylvania and certified by the Pennsylvania Certification Board as a Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CAADC) with competency to treat gambling. 

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, contact G & P Connections 2 Wellness LLC today. Use this website to reach out or call for an appointment.