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Family conflict

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Family conflict services offered in Yardley, PA

What is family counseling with Gerri Parrish?

There are a number of reasons for seeking family support which may include improvement of family dynamics, blended family changes, co-parenting adjustments, separation or divorce, adjustment of new family members, i.e., the birth of a child or extended family member, traumatic experiences for the entire family, loss and or loss of a family member and other changes to adapt and adjust as a family.   

Gerri’s approach with family counseling is to connect with the entire family and create a safe and comfortable environment to build connections and develop a framework for working together.  Gerri collaborates with family members and will assess potential issues, concerns, identified problems, patterns, and roles of their system. 

This provides opportunities for collective insight to adjust interactions and build on communication connections. Gerri assists members in having a voice and expressing themselves to be heard. This may increase the ability to evaluate roles and support one another to make a change and assist with individual struggles and overall family adjustment.

Gerri will support members in developing a family plan. Gerri promotes communication, cohesion, the development of roles within the family, and maintaining healthy boundaries. 

Gerri’s effortful learning, life experience, professional counseling training, and experience is reflected in clinical treatment and support. Her compassionate demeanor and empathic approach can promote problem-solving for a better understanding of family dynamics, which can “promote emotional health, instill hope & inspire a healthier sense of well-being.” 

If you and your family are seeking treatment and support, reach out today and contact Gerri Parrish LPC, CAADC, at G & P Connections 2 Wellness LLC. Call the office or use this website.