Gerri M. Parrish


Gerri has excellent work task to help me deal with my issues and it helps me to understand things better. Gerri is very patient and easy to talk to. I’m grateful to have Gerri as my Doctor.

SILVIA H. | May 17, 2024
Gerri is awesome. She’s very professional. I am grateful to have her as my Doctor.

SILVIA H. | Apr 16, 2024
Great structure on how things are done and conversations are always pationate and meaningful

DANTE B. | Mar 24, 2024
Felt very comfortable

SILVIA H. | Feb 22, 2024
Always satisfied

CHARLENE L. | Jan 24, 2024
I was grateful for the telehealth visit. Always helpful.

CHARLENE L. | Oct 23, 2023
Always satisfied. Lots of food for thought

CHARLENE L. | Sep 22, 2023
Gerri made me feel extremely comfortable with her understanding, compassionate demeanor. I felt comfortable sharing with her and she made me feel at ease

MYRNA D. | Aug 01, 2023
5 stars isn't enough for Gerri and the amount of compassion and caring she has shown our entire family over the last year! She has become such a crucial part of our lives and is absolutely amazing!!!!

HAYLEY F. | Jun 05, 2023
Gerri is always helpful

CHARLENE L. | May 28, 2023
Gerri is the most caring person I've ever had the pleasure of working with. She has helped me and my family through some very difficult times and never loses hope

PATRICIA F. | May 05, 2023
Always helpful

Charlene L. | Apr 27, 2023
Gerri makes one feel very comfortable discussing concerns and anxieties

Charlene L. | Jan 31, 2023
Very helpful

Teresa T. | Jan 29, 2023
Always helpful

Charlene L. | Dec 23, 2022
My experience with Gerri Parrish and her practice has been a positive one. Being able to verbalize my concerns of any issues that I have in my life have relieved me of stress. I know that I can find solutions and move ahead to enjoy my life thoroughly. New beginnings are exciting and give me opportunities to be myself and make my life more fulfilling and gives reason to move forward with meaning inside.

Sharon C. | Sep 29, 2022
Gerri is so wonderful with our daughter. She gets her. She's helped us to understand how to handle difficult adolescent behaviors we weren't clearly prepared for!

Hayley F. | Sep 05, 2022

Charlene L. | Sep 01, 2022
Gerri is not just my therapist but has become my mentor in life. I have experienced waves of anxiety and depression my whole life, beginning treatment with medication in 2003 and clinical therapy starting 2015. Throughout the time I’ve Spent with Gerri she has provided me with a chest of tools to help me battle my anxiety, heighten my everyday mood and learn to cope with stressful life transitions. Gerri has taught me the importance of positive mindset through many ways including personalized meditation exercises. Gerri has been my professional advocate, collaborating with clinicians to maintain medicine maintenance. She praises my successes, communicates often and always follows up after sessions to assess my well being. Gerri has guided me in Exploring many aspects of my life such as childhood, family and marital issues and together we analyze these experiences and their impact on my life. I look forward to Continuing my sessions with Gerri and reach my personal goals. I would highly recommend Gerri to anyone struggling with mental illness. She is kind, patient and very efficient at her trade.

ANDREA A. | Aug 06, 2022
I felt very comfortable sharing with Gerri.

Charlene L. | Jul 29, 2022
My daughter loved painting with Gerri during her session. She said it was one of the best sessions she's had

Hayley F. | Jun 29, 2022
As always Gerri was very accommodating for this week’s session. We had some technical difficulties on my end for our zoom call. Gerri was very patient and extended our session. I am making so much progress as we continue to explore my familial, social and educational experiences growing up and their effect on my current anxiety. She offers many tools to help me deal with some of the pain of my past.

ANDREA A. | May 24, 2022
Gerri is wonderfully insightful and incredibly supportive. Whatever challenges I am encountering in my life (whether it be work or personal) she provides thoughtful approaches to help me manage my stress and anxiety. Gerri is committed to seeing me overcome any barriers to my happiness and well-being and for that I am incredibly grateful.

Alyssa L. | May 15, 2022
"Gerri is very committed to her clients. She puts 100% into developing an individuals treatment plan. She frequently checks up on me to see how I'm doing in between sessions."

"Highly satisfied with care recieved"

"Gerri provides an individualized plan to support you in reaching the goals you want to achieve in therapy. She is so extremely intuitive and truly listens"

"Good Talk therapy session with exercises to explore."

"Gerri is compassionate, patient, and thoughtful. She provides not only support but clarity and helps to identify solutions to barriers. She's really quite terrific!"

"Gerri was very thorough in the explanation of the portal. I think it will be an effective and easy to use the system for patient/therapist communication."